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Parent Support

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Billie Foulk
Special Education Parent Mentor
2900 Albany Street
Brunswick, Georgia 31520
(912) 267-4100 ext. 1134

Purpose of the Parent Mentor is to nurture communication among parents and educators, ultimately leading to greater success and better outcome for students with disabilities. Parent Mentors are listeners, negotiators, problem solvers and creators; the key to their effectiveness is that they have faced many of the same challenges as the families they are seeking to support and encourage. The parent mentor can help:

  • Provide clear information to parents
  • Act as a sounding board for parents and staff
  • Give parents another perspective
  • Provide objective input at meetings
  • Assist parents with available resources in the community and throughout the state
  • Support Group Advisor
  • Support the Buddy Ball Program
  • Conduct workshops or outreach sessions on particular needs, issues or available resources.