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Practical Assessment Exploration System

PAES is a research-based, functional skills curriculum with an embedded formative assessment of career potential and employability skills.  The PAES Lab converts a classroom into a work development lab for students to transition into the role of an employee.  This lab allows the students to explore various jobs while using tools and developing appropriate work behaviors.  While working in the lab, students are assessed on their competitive work skills based on accuracy and efficiency.  

PAES lab has FIVE Components

  1. Computer Technology
  2. Construction / Industrial
  3. Processing / Production
  4. Consumer / Services
  5. Business Marketing

PAES lab provides students the opportunity to:

  • Work-related problem-solving skills
  • Proper work behavior by developing soft skills
  • Insight into job skills and real work settings
  • Understanding of their learning and training styles for future employment

PAES lab is an assessment system that identifies: 

  • Functional Skill Levels
  • Career Interests
  • Aptitude for Community-Based Employment
  • Work Behavior Strengths and Barriers to Success