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Reaching Educational and Career Heights

Rachel Woods-Miller

REACH Program Instructor

[email protected]




If we expect students to live, learn, work, and play in their community after graduation, we must allow for experience prior to graduation in environments in which these skills will later be used.

REACH is designed to meet the individualized needs of the students whose goal is to move from school to a work environment. The program is community based with students working and learning as an active young adult in our local community.

Students prepare for the future through assessment and instruction both in the classroom and in the community. Assessment and instruction will include:

  • Work skills
  • Work behaviors
  • Community participation
  • Independent living Skills

REACH is open to Glynn County students who have completed four years of high school, participated in a minimum of 3 years of job readiness training, and are 18-21 years of age with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.


If you happen into several of the local businesses, public service agencies, or churches in our community; you may notice young people working diligently at such jobs as cleaning, collating, filing, bagging, stocking, cooking or child care. You may also see these same young people learning skills in comparison shopping, proper restaurant use, accessing community services and communication. These young people are not on a field trip. They are students who learn skills in the classroom and then transfer them to the community. These students learn skills in the “real world” in which they will be used. The purpose of this program is to help students with disabilities function as independently as possible in their home and community when they leave school.


Budgeting/Planning & Scheduling
Safety & Health
Social Awareness & Manners
Food Prep
Housekeeping & Homecare
Grooming & Hygiene

Community Work Based Experiences
Vocational Classes
Interpersonal Skills
Self Determination
Self Advocacy

Recreation & Leisure
Individual & Group Activities
Community Opportunities

Grocery Shopping
General Shopping
Eating Out
Using Government & Community Services