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Glynn County, Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia

Brunswick and the Golden Isles comprise a distinct group of islands and towns just off the coast of Southeast Georgia, on the Atlantic Ocean. St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island and Brunswick offer a robust seaside community and popular vacation destination.

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True "quality of life" is beautifully defined by the homes and natural environment of our coastal community.  Those who are fortunate enough to call Glynn County their home recognize its magical qualities. Those who visit Brunswick and the Golden Isles are enchanted by the rich, natural landscape found only in our corner of the state.  Glynn County is unique for many reasons. We not only offer a dreamlike getaway, but also a sense of permanence and community to many. With natural amenities, beautiful houses, safe neighborhoods and no limit of activities, Glynn County is the perfect place to call home.


Whether you are in the market for a quaint cottage, a stylish condominium, or a historic residence, you will find the perfect home within the beautiful boundaries of Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Developments and communities offer unique lifestyles found only in Glynn County.   The Atlantic Ocean is the gateway to fun for vacationers and residents alike.  Marinas call to boaters on all of the isles, as fishing is a favorite pastime in Glynn County. One of the many favorite activities in Glynn County is golf.  Courses are available on Sea Island, Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island and in Brunswick/Glynn County.  The area's natural surroundings make it the perfect place for camping. Along with visitors, residents will often pitch a tent to experience our serene surroundings. Picnic grounds and parks add to the trip and create a relaxing experience.

Leisure & History

Stories of the past still circulate throughout Glynn County - telling of ghostly spirits and remarkable sights. Georgia poet Sidney Lanier was so inspired while visiting Glynn County it resulted in his famous poem, "The Marshes of Glynn," written in the 1870s. The spectacular site of our immense marshlands has captivated the attention of most everyone who has visited our community.  Still, others whisper of the spirits that are locked in St. Simons Island's trees. While strolling on the island, visitors are often surprised to look up and find a face peering out at them from within one of the many trees. Faces of soldiers lost at sea were skillfully carved into a number of the island's trees many years ago and can still be seen today as if they were just etched there days ago.


Glynn County has a strong educational heritage which began in colonial days.

The school system's charter predates the state's constitution. The first structured educational program actually began in 1745 at Frederica with John Urlich Dreizler's Oglethorpe regiment. In 1788, an act was approved by the General Assembly appointing eight commissioners in the town of Brunswick with the power to sell public property, thus providing funds to operate an academy. As a result, Glynn Academy has the distinction of being one of the oldest public schools in the nation.

The year 1873 saw the real beginning of the present system of education in Glynn County. In that year, the General Assembly of Georgia passed an act creating a system of public schools serving the entire county.

That act provided for the creation of a county board of education which was directed and empowered to make all necessary arrangements for the instruction of white and black students in separate schools. The facilities of each were to be the same in all matters pertaining to education; however, the act of 1873 did not provide for any adequate means of financial support, a situation which was remedied by subsequent legislation. Taxation for the support of education in Glynn County was first authorized in 1884.

At the beginning of 1887, the Board owned only two shabby buildings in Brunswick and the schools operated as if a part of the general state system. Enrollment in the Brunswick schools was then only 400 students.

By 1910, the school system was considerably improved. Two new buildings were erected and the course of study was revised and broadened; some constructive legislation had been passed; and the schools were more nearly sufficient to meet the needs of the community.

In 1920, the Board went on record as favoring the enforcement of the compulsory attendance laws in the city and employed an attendance officer to oversee improving attendance in the county schools.

In 1921, the policy of gradual introduction of free textbooks was adopted. The problem of rural consolidation was solved by bringing most rural students to the city schools, and by 1925 four Board-owned buses were in use.

In 1935 a bond referendum of $150,000 was passed to build new facilities to relieve overcrowded conditions. With the opening of new schools in 1936, the system was reorganized on the 6-2-4 plan.

In 1963, black students attended white schools under freedom of choice provisions. Brunswick High School was constructed in 1965. The Board of Education implemented a plan for a unitary school system in 1970 and in 1975 reorganized the system to a 5-3-4 plan. 

Today, the Glynn County School System consists of 10 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, the Golden Isles College & Career Academy, the Glynn Learning Center, FACES Prekindergarten Center, Leaps & Bounds, and several other programs to meet the needs of all students in Glynn County. 

Local Industry

Tourism accounts for a large portion of our industry, directly and indirectly. We have substantial technology-based businesses, manufacturing is a major factor and we have a strong retail market. In both variety and size, the businesses that make up our community are a healthy mix, from the manufacturing giant to the Mom-and-Pop cafe. They range across the county from the massive developments at Exit 38 to the industrial parks at Glynco to the ports at the western edge. One sector with enormous potential for increasing its impact on Glynn County is the ports system.

The sea has always been our most valuable asset; the shape of our coastline and the confluence of rivers have created a perfect natural harbor, ideal for maritime use. At Colonel’s Island and Mayor’s Point terminals everything from automobiles to agricultural products is processed.  The Brunswick Port is one of Georgia's two sea ports. Its activities are led by the Georgia Ports Authority.


The core of Glynn County's comprehensive healthcare system is provided by the Southeast Georgia Health System (SGHS), a not-for-profit healthcare system with multiple locations and services. SGHS currently employs 1,958 team members and has more than 380 physicians on staff.

Average Temps

January: High 57 Low 43
July: High 89 Low 81

Area Airports

Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport offers regularly-scheduled flights via ASA to Atlanta.  McKinnon/St. Simons Island Airport has 5,800ft runway, rental, repair and charter.  International Airports are located approximately one hour awar in Savannah (I-95 North) and Jacksonville (I-95 South).