Special Education Services & Supports
Coastal Academy GNETS Services (CAGNETS)
Coastal Academy is a therapeutic learning environment for students receiving special education services with severe emotional and behavioral disorders as well as students with Autism. We are one of twenty -four programs that form the Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS). Our team are trained in trauma-informed practices that are designed to meet students where they are, model and assist in coregulation, and teach social emotional learning skills that are necessary to transition back to a less restrictive environment. In addition, we have trainers onsite to serve our district in the following models/services: Collaborative Proactive Solutions, Neurosequential Model of Education, Functional Behavioral Assessment/BIP Coaching, and Personbrain.

Students receiving services through a GNETS program are referred by their local school system through the Individual Education Program (IEP) process. An IEP team may consider in-class services by a GNETS program for a child with an emotional and behavioral disorder based upon documentation of the severity of the duration, frequency, and intensity of one or more of the characteristics of the disability category of emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). This documentation must include prior extension of less restrictive services and data which indicate such services have not enabled the child to benefit educationally. A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is an example of a specific assessment that should be completed before considering GNETS’ services. For children receiving in-class services, local schools are actively involved and behavioral goals are developed upon entry into the GNETS program. Students participate in all state-wide assessments and curriculum as the local district we serve.