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Communication  Academics Behavior Social Skills 

CABS is a specialized program that addresses four key component areas on an individual basis:

Our goal for the CABS program is for students to be SUCCESSFUL in an inclusive General Education setting with as minimal support as needed.



Providing the students the means to accelerate


Communication is addressed in all settings using a variety of methods, including pecs, sign-language, and verbal and receptive expression.

Academics are addressed in all settings depending upon individual needs.   Supportive and supplemental programs are implemented as needed, such as a discrete trial program using errorless instruction based on the ABLLS.

Behavior is addressed in all areas with emphasis on behavior in the General Education setting. Reinforcements, visual supports, sensory and positive behavior supports are implemented on an individual basis as well as principles from Applied Behavior Analysis.

Social Skills are addressed in all settings with specific training implemented through group or individual sessions using a Social Skills curriculum

Where every student accelerates.

Benefits Overview

The CABS program offers a comprehensive program that meets the individual needs of every student.

  • Documentation of progress
  • Collaboration with:
    • Parents
    • School
    • Teachers
  • Visual Supports
    • Schedules (pictures)
    • Classroom routines                                                        
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