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ARC Program
Achieving Resilient Communities


Achieving Resilient Communities

(ARC) Program

The ARC Program is a transitional program designed to supplement the continuum of services provided for students with social and emotional needs. It utilizes a Levels System to gauge progress and movement in or out of the program towards a less restrictive general education setting or towards a more restrictive setting to meet the student’s needs. The goal of the program is to provide support for the student to be served in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) possible.  

ARC programs are available in designated Elementary, Middle and High School buildings in order to provide instruction with non-disabled peers as much as possible. The ARC classes are flexible to accommodate the continuum from a total self-contained to part-day placement supporting students in General Education classes. It also serves to transition students from more restrictive alternative settings such as GNETS back to the base school.

Incorporated within the program are evidence based strategies and interventions such as Restorative Practices and Boys Town Social Skills Training. ARC classrooms are highly structured with low teacher/student ratios to provide intensive tailored interventions and accommodations to meet student needs. The focus of the program is a relationship centered, therapeutic setting. 

Students appropriate for this program are those with significant emotional/ behavioral challenges which interfere with the learning and/or safety of themselves or others. If these concerns have not been resolved or adequate progress made utilizing a continuum of least restrictive interventions in the general educational setting, consideration for the ARC Program should be an option.