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American Rescue Plan (ARP) - ESSER III-LEA Plan Application

Glynn County ESSER III-ARP Plan: Public Input Opportunities
The Biden-Harris Administration’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided states and school districts with $130 billion to help students recover, succeed, and thrive. Schools across the country are using ARP funds to safely remain open for in-person learning, to help students grow academically, and to support students’ mental health needs. States and school districts are required to engage with families as they make decisions about using these funds and parents and families should talk with their local leaders about whether students’ needs are being met. 

As we strive to continually improve student achievement, we are seeking feedback from parents, students, employees, and community members to assist in continually developing and updating our ESSER III-ARP plan, and specifically the use of these funds.
Districts must reserve at least 20% of their ESSER III money to measure and address the impact of lost learning time with evidence-based interventions. Those interventions must respond to students’ academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs. The US Department of Education has released a "Back to School Checklist for Parents" that outlines ways in which states and districts must allocate their ESSER III-ARP funds. 

Stakeholders wishing to participate in the feedback / input process regarding the Glynn County School System's ESSER III-ARP Plan can do so in two ways:

1. Email your feedback, suggestions, and comments to Leslie Scarboro, Glynn County School System's Federal Programs Director, at [email protected]

2. Complete the district’s input survey, available HERE.

The most current version of the ESSER III-ARP Plan is available below: