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Resources for Parents and Families

The Glynn County School System is committed to providing resources for parents and families to help their children achieve academic success!  Please see below for clickable links and downloads for information, materials, and resources for at-home use!
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Parent Institute Newsletters and Online Family Engagement Library!
Click on the links below for additional at-home resources and activities from Parent Institute!
Click the link above for a huge library of online resources for parents and families!  Over 90 resources in both English and Spanish are posted!
Parents Make the Difference! Newsletter for Elementary School and Middle School (in English and Spanish)
Click the dropdown arrow to download the PDF files below for monthly newsletters to help you help your child at home!
Daily Learning Planners for Elementary and Middle School (in English and Spanish)
Click the dropdown arrow to download the PDF files below for daily activities to use at home to help your child do well in school!
Parent Institute Summer Learning Spotlight for Elementary and Middle School Reading and Math (in English and Spanish)
Click the dropdown arrow to download the PDF files below for fun family reading and math activities to use at home to help your child practice academic skills and prevent "summer slide" and learning loss! 
Free At-Home Learning Resources and Videos from Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore Learning is offering free resources for parents to use with their children for at-home learning!  Click HERE to access their website - there are LOTS of free learning activities, printable worksheets, calendars, videos, templates, craft ideas, writing ideas, flash cards, and much more! 
¡Lakeshore Learning ofrece recursos gratuitos para que los padres los usen con sus hijos para el aprendizaje en casa!  Haga clic AQUÍ para acceder a su sitio web. ¡Hay MUCHAS actividades de aprendizaje gratuitas, hojas de trabajo imprimibles, calendarios, videos, plantillas, ideas para manualidades, ideas para escribir, tarjetas de memoria flash y mucho más!

Mathematics Parent Video Series

The Georgia Department of Education is excited to announce the launch of a new K-12 mathematics parent video series! The Make Mathematics Count, Georgia! outreach campaign is an is an exciting project to support parents with understanding the expectations of teaching and learning in mathematics at each grade level.  Click HERE for access!


Family Math Night - At Home!
Looking for math activities to complete at home with your student over the summer?  Family Math Nights can be a great way to incorporate math in everyday life!
Number Skyline Collaborative Project - click HERE for the video lesson demonstration, and HERE for the downloadable lesson plan!
Click HERE for video tips and downloadable materials for fun, interactive math activities that families can enjoy together. 
Digital Citizenship Resources for Family Engagement
Working together, schools and families can prepare kids to think critically and use technology in positive, creative, and powerful ways.
Click HERE for printable resources and family activities (in multiple languages and for all grade levels) from Common Sense Education.
Internet Safety for Kids
Threats to children’s internet safety include invasions of privacy, cyberbullying, sexting and harassment. Options to protect your children include parental controls, apps and tracking software. But the most effective way to keep your kids safe is to talk with them about online risks, how to avoid them and how they can come to you when something goes wrong.
Click HERE for more information from ConsumerNotice.org.
Need Help Finding Community Resources or Assistance?
Find Help Georgia allows you to search by zip code or agency name to find resources and assistance for food, housing, health care, childcare, education, employment, transportation, and more!  
Community Resource Rolodex is a real-time listing of local organizations and agencies, along with the resources they provide and contact information!  Check the link often, as more information may be listed!

Low-Cost Internet Providers

Are you struggling to pay your household utility bills, but need internet service for your child’s virtual learning or to access your health and food assistance? Good news! there is help available to you!  Click HERE to access a listing of several low-cost internet service providers in Georgia that are helping low-income households.  

The United States Congress passed a broadband infrastructure and connectivity package. The Federal Communications Commission has announced that 20 of the nation’s internet providers have committed to lowering costs for low-income households, a step that will essentially provide free high-speed internet for those participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

For Georgia residents to benefit from this program, families must sign up directly by clicking HERE.  
KID ZONE! The Literacy Playground for Kids & Families (National Center on Improving Literacy)
Click HERE to access KID ZONE! The Literacy Playground for Kids and Families!  The site offers lots of interactive reading activities, games, and books to read or listen to online for kids from age 4 to age 10 and up!
Bookshare - Read Your Way:  eBooks for People with Reading Barriers
Click HERE to access Bookshare, a website of free (and mostly free) eBooks designed for people with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers so that they can customize their reading experience to suit individual learning styles.  
National Inventors Hall of Fame - STEM Activities for Kids!
Click HERE to access lots of neat "at-home" STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities for elementary-age students!
US Department of Education Resources
* Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide (English and Spanish)
* A Family's Guide to Title I (English and Spanish)
* Ten Things Everyone Must Know about Family Engagement in Title I (English)
* Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) - US Department of Education (English)
* Understanding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): A Parents' Guide (English)
* A Parent Guide to State and Local Report Cards (English and Spanish)
* Parent and Educator Guide to School Climate Resources - US Department of Education (English)
* Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explained (English)
* Georgia Milestones Assessment System
* Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA)
* GKIDS Kindergarten Assessment
* ACCESS for ELLs English Language Proficiency Assessment
* SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) - Parent User Guide
* College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) and most current CCRPI Reports
The Children's Reading Foundation 
The Children's Reading Foundation offers a number of resources to promote kindness towards others!  Click HERE to access lots of printable and downloadable resources aimed at addressing social and emotional learning (SEL) for young children and families!
Click the links below for additional academic resources from The Children's Reading Foundation:
World History Encyclopedia
World History Encyclopedia offers free resources to engage parents and families with cultural heritage and improve history education, including teaching materials and educational videos!  Plus, the site offers thousands of articles in other languages.
* Summer Reading Booklists (Birth through Grade 8)
* Storyline Online (your child's favorite children's books read aloud by celebrities!)
* GPB Bright Text (free resources through text messaging)
* The Children's Reading Foundation "Read Together" Campaign (English and Spanish)
* National Center on Improving Literacy (resources for support reading development)
* Understanding Dyslexia
* Summer Reading Booklists (Birth through Grade 8)
* Bring Learning Home! (English and Spanish)
* Hooray for Wordplay! (English and Spanish)
* How to Build Number Sense (English and Spanish)
* Understanding and Overcoming Math Anxiety
* Ready, Set, STEM!  At-Home STEM Activity Guide
* Character Traits for School Success
* National Center on Improving Literacy (resources for support reading development)
* Understanding Dyslexia
* Summer Reading Booklists (Birth through Grade 8)
* Understanding and Overcoming Math Anxiety
* Ready, Set, STEM!  At-Home STEM Activity Guide
* Having a Positive Digital Footprint
* Understanding Dyslexia
* Top 10 Ways Parents Can Help with Homework (English)
* Helping Your Child Build a Strong Vocabulary (English and Spanish)
* Parent Participation: How to Get Involved in Your Child's School Activities (English and Spanish)
* Play a Role in Your Child's Success in School (English and Spanish)
* Helping Your Child Succeed in School - US Department of Education (English and Spanish)
* Why Family Engagement Matters for Student and School Success (English, Spanish, and Chinese)
* Nurturing Your Child's Mental Health
* Parents' Guide to Protecting Their Kids Online
* Parents' Guide: Apps and Technology
* Family Dinner Project: Weekly Conversation Starters
* Adding Conversations to Reading and Everyday Moments
* Parenting Minutes Videos (Multiple Languages)
* Supporting Families with PBIS at Home (additional resources links embedded in document)
* PBIS Creating Effective Home Environments (see PDF file below)
* Family Resources (Multiple Languages)

Click on the links below for school transition resources for you and your child!

* Transition to Kindergarten (English and Spanish)

* Transition to Middle School for Students (English and Spanish)

* Transition to Middle School for Families (English and Spanish)

* Transition to High School for Students (English and Spanish)

* Transition to High School for Families (English and Spanish)


Check out these videos about school transitions!

* Kindergarten Transition (English and Spanish)

* Middle School Matters (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: Academics (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: Social and Emotional Changes (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: Organizational and Environmental Factors (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: Developmental Growth (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: College and Career Readiness (English and Spanish)

* Middle School: Becoming Involved in My Child's Education (English and Spanish)

High School is Happening

* High School: Discovering Your Self

* High School: Before the Report Card Arrives

* High School: Learning How to Balance

* High School: The Graduation Plan

* High School: Parent Talkback



* English Learner Family Toolkit (Multiple Languages)
* My Child is an ELL: A Parent's Guide (English and Spanish)
* WIDA English Language Learner Resource Library / WIDA Biblioteca de recursos para estudiantes del idioma inglés
* Five Free Video Games that Support English Language Learners
* Helping Your Child Learn in Two Languages / Ayude a su hijo/hija a aprender en dos idiomas (See PDF files below; ver archivos PDF a continuación)
* Helping Your Child Succeed in School / Ayude a su hijo a triunfar en la escuela (See PDF files below; ver archivos PDF a continuación)
* Free ESL Classes at Coastal Pines Technical College / Clases gratuitas de ESL en Coastal Pines Technical College (See PDF files below; ver archivos PDF a continuación)

Attention English Language Learner Parents: If you would like to meet to provide recommendations about Title I or Title III services for EL students, contact Leslie Scarboro at [email protected] or (912) 267-4100, ext. 1545. 


Atención, padres de estudiantes de inglés: Si desea reunirse para brindar recomendaciones sobre los servicios de Título I o Título III para estudiantes EL, comuníquese con Leslie Scarboro en [email protected] o (912) 267-4100, ext. 1545.

Title I Schools - Parent Involvement Coordinators
Does your child attend a Title I School?  All elementary schools (except FACES and Oglethorpe Point Elementary School) and all four middle schools are Title I-funded schools.  
Parent Involvement Coordinators (PICs) can help you find more specific resources from their school Parent Resource Centers. Visit the school's webpage and click on "About Us" or "Parents" tab to go to the school's Title I page, or contact your child's school PIC to find out what's available to help your child at home with academics!