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Child Abuse

GCSS Board Policy JGI

All employees of the Board of Education, as well as persons who attend to a child pursuant to their duties as a volunteer for the school system, who have reason or cause to believe that a child is being or has been abused shall notify the principal or the school system's designee, who shall report that abuse immediately, but in no case later than 24 hours from the time there is reasonable cause to believe that suspected child abuse has occurred, in accordance with Georgia law and the protocol for handling child abuse cases for Glynn County, Georgia.

Under no circumstances shall the principal or designee to whom a report of child abuse has been made exercise any control, restraint, modification, or make other change to the information provided by a mandated reporter, although the reporter may be consulted prior to the making of a report and may provide any additional, relevant and necessary information when making the report.

Mandated Reporter

Georgia Mandated Reporter Electronic Reporting Protocol

Mandated Reporters Training is available online at:

This Mandated Reporter Training was developed in conjunction with The Governor’s Office for Children and Families and provides in-depth information for all Mandated Reporters who are required under GA Law to report a suspicion of child maltreatment.