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The Glynn County Board of Education strives to operate each school in an orderly manner that provides for the welfare and safety of all students. The school's primary goal is to educate, not to punish; however, when a student's behavior comes in conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions may be necessary for the benefit of that individual and the school. Students in Glynn County are governed by policies, regulations, and rules set forth in the Student Behavior Code.  
The Office of Student Services & Compliance supports each school and program in Glynn County Schools, by interpreting and implementing the expectations regarding student conduct. The Student Handbook and Code of Conduct is written to provide information to create a safe learning environment. To identify standards from the time the students leave home to go to school until he/she returns home and anytime a student is on school grounds. These rules also apply off school grounds while en route to or from any school activity, function, or event. The school district addresses certain off-campus misconduct.
The Code of Conduct provides for the development of age-appropriate standards for behavior, a student support process, a progressive discipline process, and a parental involvement process. We encourage all parents to read the handbook thoroughly with their child(ren) to help them understand the expectations that students will demonstrate positive behavior, respect each other and employees, follow student behavior policies adopted by the Glynn County Board of Education, and follow expectations established by individual schools.