About Us

With an active enrollment of approximately 13,000 students, attending a total of 21 school sites – 10 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, a career academy, two alternative programs, a pre-kindergarten program and preschool special education program – Glynn County Schools is dedicated to creating 21st century learning environments that offer opportunities for all students to pursue higher education and develop skills that meet workforce needs.

Glynn County Schools has a long and storied history of excellence in academics, arts and athletics with the very focal point of our mission remaining on students. We are proud to serve the community as a premier school system empowering our students with the tools and resources to grow, lead and excel in their future pursuits.
Our mission is to provide a safe and enriching learning environment where the whole student is nurtured and developed. Our teachers and administrators pledge to support the academic and emotional wellbeing of each and every student. Students will leave our school prepared with skills and knowledge that will give them advantages throughout their future educational and life experiences. Our rigorous standards challenge all students to rise to their full potential and become the best global citizens they can be.

With the support of our parents and community partners, we are confident that GCSS will continue to meet the community’s high standards, and we welcome your continued support in advancing a school system that reflects the values and aspirations of one of the nation’s oldest, proudest and most promising counties.