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Please select a subject/grade-level link from the menu along the right of this screen to view the current curriculum maps and Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) or Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) that are used in setting expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work.  Additional information can also be found at



Division of Schools' Beliefs and Expectations


Instructional Beliefs:

  • All students are valued no matter their socioeconomics, address, ethnicity, exceptionality, etc.
  • All teachers will embrace effective instruction as a system of multi-tiered supports.
  • High expectations will be held for every student at each grade level from one to another and from one teacher to another.
  • Diversity will be visible in gifted/accelerated, honors and advanced courses and programs.
  • Parent involvement and engagement are critical for school success and high student achievement.


Instructional Expectations:

  • Standards-based, bell to bell instruction will be delivered daily.
  • Daily instruction will have clear learning targets and success criteria aligned to state standards.
  • Students will be provided timely, data-driven interventions to support their individual needs in Tier 1 instruction.
  • All school-based leaders and teachers will collaboratively and regularly analyze data and student work in PLCs to inform classroom planning, instruction, assessment and intervention.
  • Content Coordinators, SDICs and APIs  will be fully utilized to support teachers to address inequitable learning opportunities and achievement gaps.
  • Essential Labs will be conducted in grades 5, 8 and Biology.



Below you will find links to our district approved resources for elementary and middle schools.