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If you have issues or concerns regarding school bus transportation, email or call 912-267-4120. 

Glynn County Schools Transportation Departmenttransportation request
137 Jack Hartman Blvd.
Brunswick, GA 31525
912-267-4120; FAX 912-267-4124




Marlowe Hinson
[email protected]

Karen Hurt
Office Manager
[email protected]

Diane Herndon
[email protected]

James Horton                                Assistant Director                          [email protected]

Regina Brantley
Routing Specialist
[email protected]

Gail Francis
Field Trips/Dispatcher
[email protected]

Mission Statement

The Glynn County Schools’ Public Transportation Department, in partnership with all key stakeholders, will provide a program of transportation in which all students are provided safe and reliable transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities.


It is our vision that the citizens of Glynn County will value our pupil transportation program as the safest means of transporting students to and from school as well as to and from school-sponsored activities.  

It is our vision that our key stakeholders will commit to the implementation of their respective roles in order to insure:

  • Community support, respect and ownership;
  • Appreciation for a well-trained and reliable workforce; and
  • A safe and orderly bus environment for all students being transported.

It is our vision that we will model the integration of technology, researched and proven techniques, and staff development to insure our employees are equipped to effectively deal with the challenges they will encounter. 

Icon: Edulog Parent Portal

Parents – Your school district provides the Edulog Parent Portal smartphone app to help you receive information about your child’s school bus ride. It allows you to:

(1) access designated bus stop times and locations,
(2) see real-time information about the location of your child’s school bus, and
(3) receive notifications when the bus is getting close.


Scan this QR code with your smartphone camera to download the app,

Edulog Parent Portal:

QR Code: Edulog Parent Portal
Available on the App StoreGet it on Google play
Edulog Parent Portal Instructions (PDF -946 KB)
“Where is my child?” Nearly every parent will ask this question at some point. EDULOG’s Parent Portal, can give parent’s access to personalized information about their child. Because the Parent Portal links up with the school system’s GPS tracking system, parents can see what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up.
Instrucciones del portal para padres Edulog (PDF -850 KB)
"¿Dónde está el autobús de mi hijo?" Casi todos los padres harán esta pregunta en algún momento. El Portal para Padres de EDULOG puede brindarles a los padres acceso a información personalizada sobre sus hijos. Debido a que el Portal de Padres se conecta con el sistema de rastreo GPS del sistema escolar, los padres pueden ver qué autobús necesita tomar su hijo, dónde está y a qué hora serán recogidos.
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