GCSS Surpasses State, National SAT Scores

Newly released data from the Georgia Department of Education proves, once more, that students in Glynn County Schools are better prepared for academic achievement beyond high school.

According to the latest SAT results, Glynn County Schools surpassed both the national and state averages with a mean score of 1073 in comparison to the national mean of 1003 and state mean of 1045.

In evidence-based reading and writing (ERW), Georgia students outperformed the nation by 24 points, recording a score of 534 compared to the national average of 510.  Locally, Glynn County Schools outpaced both the state and nation with a composite score of 554, up seven points from last year.

Similarly in math, the school system’s composite score of 518 outpaced the state and national average of 511 and 493, respectively. (GCSS had the same composite score last year compared to the state’s average of 516 and national average of 507.) Among school systems in First District RESA, Glynn County Schools had the highest median score in the SAT, leading by 13 points.

"The SAT scores displayed by our high school students demonstrate students' readiness for college work and a commitment by our teachers to prepare students for the content they will face on this assessment," said Eric Benson, Assistant Superintendent, Grades 6-12.

At Brunswick High, 117 students took the SAT and earned a composite score of 1010 – 523 on the ERW and 487 on math. Conversely, 230 Glynn Academy students scored a mean average of 1105, with a 570 on the ERW and 534 on the math portion.

Overall, Georgia public-school students outperformed their counterparts in the nation’s public schools on the SAT for the sixth year in a row. State School Superintendent Richard Woods says the results mirror the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.

"I am extremely proud of Georgia's students as they continue to beat the national average on the SAT," Superintendent Woods said.

"This is a testament to the hard work of students and teachers, along with the families who have invested in them. It's also confirmation that Georgia is on the right track as we continue to heavily invest in academic recovery and address lost learning opportunities for every student in every school."


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