District surpasses state, nation on SAT

According to the latest SAT results, Glynn County Schools surpassed both the national and state averages with a mean score of 1058 in comparison to the national mean of 1030 and state mean of 1043.

Similarly, Glynn County Schools saw slight increases in scores which further highlight the resiliency and determination displayed by the Class of 2020.

“To say that we are proud would be a huge understatement. The Class of 2020 were faced with an unpredictable challenge that they couldn’t prepare for and yet they rose to the occasion and proved, once more, that our students are receiving a high-quality educational experience right here in Glynn County Schools,” said Superintendent Scott Spence.

In evidence-based reading and writing (ERW), Georgia students outperformed the nation by 12 points, recording a score of 532 compared to the national average of 520.  Locally, Glynn County Schools outpaced both the state and nation with a composite score of 547, up four points from last year.  

Likewise, the school system’s composite score of 512 for the math portion of the entrance exam topped the state and national average of 511 and 510, respectively. (In 2019, the school system had a composite score of 511 compared to the state and national average of 515.)

Among school systems in First District RESA, Glynn County Schools had the third highest median score in the SAT. Dr. Valerie Whitehead, executive director of strategy and innovation, said consistency in scores provides district and school administrators with an opportunity to look at the preparation students are receiving to master learning in these core subject areas.

“Teachers continue to focus on standards and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding to transfer their learning to other assessments and settings,” Whitehead said. “The number of students testing during high school remains steady as students continue to set personal goals for higher learning.”

In fact, the district had the third highest number of test takers in FDRESA, though both high schools experienced mixed results in each subject area.

At Brunswick High, 158 students took the SAT and earned a composite score of 1028 (up from 1009 last year) – 530 (up 11 points) on the ERW and 498 (up 8 points) on math. Conversely, 246 Glynn Academy students scored a mean average of 1078 (down 11 points), with a 558 (down 4 points) on the ERW and 520 (down 7 points) on the math portion.

Georgia’s SAT participation fell to 64 percent of public-school graduates in the class of 2020, down from 67 percent in 2019 and 66 percent in 2018.

Of that percentage, 404 high school graduates in Glynn County took the new SAT during high school – approximately 42 percent of test takers earned scores between 1000-1190; about 18 percent earned scores between 1200-1390; and 3 percent earned scores in the 1400-1600 bracket.  (It is important to note that if a student took the SAT more than once, the most recent score was summarized.)

“The class of 2020 has faced unprecedented adversity and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Given all they have overcome, I am so proud of these students for becoming the third graduating class in Georgia history to beat the national average on the SAT. I continue to be optimistic about the future of Georgia public schools as our students, teachers, and schools continue to surpass expectations and outperform their peers nationally.”

The old SAT test had a maximum score of 2400 and included sections in math, critical reading and writing. Those three sections were each worth up to 800 points.  The new test’s maximum score is 1600. The two required sections are math and reading/writing. Both sections are worth up to 800 points.