Sole candidate named for GCSS Superintendent

The Glynn County Board of Education has named one sole finalist for the position of superintendent of the Glynn County School System.  The board reached its decision following an executive session during the April 22, 2020 special-called board meeting.

The sole finalist is:

  • Dr. Scott Spence, who currently serves as 49% district mathematics coordinator (6-12) for the Glynn County School System.

The board contracted with the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) to conduct a national search for Glynn County’s new school superintendent.   The GSBA received 42 applications from throughout the country; from these 10 were chosen for close review and were interviewed by the board. 

By Georgia law (OCGA 50-18-72), the board is required to wait at least 14 calendar days before taking final action on the position.  The 14-day countdown begins when the Board releases appropriate applications and bio-information when the search is narrowed to three or fewer candidates. The board can vote on the appointment at any time after the 14-day period.

A copy of the candidate’s application for the position, as well as a survey link for community feedback, will be available to the public for (at a minimum) the next two weeks.

Afterward, the board plans to hold a special-called meeting in May to announce its selection for superintendent of the Glynn County School System.


2020 Superintendent Finalist Feedback Form