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Frequently Asked Questions

2021-2022 GVA Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria is used to determine eligibility for enrollment in Glynn Virtual Academy?

Glynn Virtual Academy accepts students who reside within the Glynn County Schools attendance zone. The student’s custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) must also reside within the GCSS district. GVA will accept all interested students unless there are more applicants than space is available, in which case a waiting list will be established. An IEP meeting held prior to enrollment at GVA is required for any student currently receiving special education services.


Will GVA serve all students? What about students who have special needs?

Glynn Virtual Academy is a program of choice. In order to determine the most appropriate setting, an IEP meeting must be held prior to enrolling for any students currently receiving special education services at their home school.


What happens if my child enrolls at GVA as a full-time student and he/she does not do well in the online setting? Can he/she transfer back to his/her traditional middle/high school?

GVA is committed to helping its students succeed academically. Students who are not successful in the online environment will be transferred back to home school. Students will be moved at the nine-week grading period (ES, MS) and semester grading period (HS).


Will students at GVA be required to check-in everyday online?

Students are considered present if they are actively working in each of their courses. Actively working in a course is defined by the following:


  • Maintaining a grade of 70 or above
  • Daily online activity of at least four (4) hours in Edgenuity


Will fine arts classes, technical education and other electives be available?

Glynn Virtual Academy will offer several career and technical education and other academic electives.  


Are there required face-to-face meetings or classes?

All courses will be completed online through Edgenuity or Georgia Virtual School. All district assessments, final exams, and Georgia Milestones testing are administered in person. Testing schedules will be shared. GVA students must meet all state and local requirements. All regular high school credit and assessment requirements must be satisfied to receive a high school diploma.


What characteristics are necessary for a student to be successful as an online student?

In general, a student who is successful in an online learning environment –

  • is able to stay on task
  • reaches out for help when needed and communicates with his or her teachers
  • organizes his or her work and time effectively
  • maintains a study area with reliable Internet access
  • has a parent/guardian who supports and checks on his or her progress on a daily/weekly basis – (depending upon the needs and age of the student)
  • requires less direct supervision
  • enjoys working with technology
  • uses e-mail, instant messaging, Internet browsers, and different types of software
  • asks questions and desires to learn new things
  • is comfortable working independently
  • completes assignments in a flexible setting