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Frequently Asked Questions

We know our parents have many questions about our plans for safely reopening schools in the fall. As you know, we are facing a highly fluid situation influenced by factors that we have little control over.  In an effort to respond to questions about planning for the start of the 2020-21 school year, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer questions about important topics that will affect school operations. 


Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we take time to thoughtfully work through things with the best interests of all students and staff in mind. This page will be updated regularly so visit often for the latest information.


NOTE: The nature of this pandemic is evolving every day, and our action plans could be adjusted to meet the needs of our community at any time.


Last Updated 11/5/2020 3:00 PM



GCSS Return-to-School FAQ Page


1. If we have a student attending for the first time and we want them to do in-school learning, when do we need to register them? And where?

If your child is new to Glynn County Schools and not enrolled in our district, you will need to schedule an appointment with our Central Registration Office. You will need to do this before school starts on Tuesday, Aug. 11.


2. Where can I find out the requirements for students to return to school for face-to-face instruction?

Important back-to-school information can be found under the Back to School tab on the district homepage, as well as every individual school website. 


3. What precautions will be taken if a child becomes sick or is found to be sick while at school?

Ill or symptomatic students will be seen and isolated by school nurses and treated accordingly. If necessary, the parent of the sick child will be contacted to pick up their child. Please keep in mind that this covers other illnesses and symptoms other than COVID-19. 


4. Will students and teachers be required to wear masks?

Effective 08/12/2020, adults and students are required to wear face masks while inside a Glynn County school/facility or while riding in a Glynn County Schools’ vehicle.


5. What sanitation protocols will be put in place for teachers/staff for cleaning classrooms?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


6. How will students socially distance themselves during their scheduled lunches?

We will implement alternate schedules to stagger class visits to the cafeteria while others will eat in their classrooms. Additionally, floor markings will be spaced to indicate where students should enter the cafeteria and serving lines, as well as entrance and exit flow paths. 


7. If we choose the online learning option, will my child still be able to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities?

Students opting for online instruction will be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities and will be subject to the same eligibility requirements.


8. What will a traditional school day look like for both in-person and online instruction?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


9. Will bus routes still run the same? If so, what steps will be taken to protect students and staff on the buses? 

Our routing specialists are currently looking at our options that will be consistent with the Georgia DOE guidelines.


10. Will there be dedicated online teachers who have had thorough training or will the students enrolled in online classes watch live-streamed lessons while their classmates are in school?

Teachers will not teach online and traditional instruction simultaneously. We will provide virtual learning-specific professional learning for educators prior to the start of school. Please note that if a parent chooses online instruction, the teacher may not be from their zoned school.


11. What procedures will be in place regarding school cleaning and disinfecting?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


12. If we choose the online learning option, will my child still have accelerated classes and the option for CTAE classes?

We will review the individual course requests for the students who choose the online option and make decisions based on the total number of students requesting those courses. Parents will be contacted prior to the start of school if changes need to be made to their child’s schedule.


13. Will services be available for virtual students who have an IEP?



14. Will schools conduct health checks and temperature screenings each day? And where will these be performed?

We ask parents to conduct wellness screenings for their children each day before sending them to school. Staff members are asked to self-check each day. Nurses will be available to assist as needed. Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


15. Will traditional students still go to recess, eat in the cafeteria and participate in extracurricular activities?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


16. Is there a limit to how many students can sign up for virtual learning?



17. How will attendance and behavioral issues be addressed in a virtual classroom? 

Daily interactions will be used for attendance documentation. The GCSS Student Behavior Code applies to face-to-face and virtual learning.


18. What about school breakfast and lunch for students in online classrooms? Will meals be delivered to their homes?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


19. Will school-provided devices be given to students who want to participate in online learning but don’t have access to them?

The expectation is that students enrolled in online learning have access to the internet and devices. Hardships will be addressed on an individual basis with their school principal.


20. Can my child participate in traditional learning in the classroom on a part-time basis?

No, we are not offering the hybrid model.


21. What will online learning look like? Will kids work at their own pace or will it be scheduled times to log in?

There will be clear expectations for daily learning.


22. What protocol will be followed if a student and/or teacher in the classroom becomes ill and tests positive?

We are currently working on a flowchart that will guide us through this decision-making process. 


23. What if a parent registers their child on July 13. Can they still participate in the virtual learning option?



24. If school is closed, will the staff be allowed to bring children to work?



25. How will students be monitored in terms of attendance and grading?

Attendance and grading will be placed in Infinite Campus. Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


26. Can students change back before the nine weeks are over?

The expectation is outlined in the GCSS Return to School Framework. Hardships will be handled on an individual basis.


27. Who will decide which teachers will teach online and who will teach in class?

A committee of principals and Central Office administrators.


28. How many times will the building be cleaned and disinfected when schools reopen?

Please refer to the GCSS Return to School Framework and school-specific Return to School Frameworks (as they become available).


29. Will parents be allowed to walk their children into school on the first day? 

At this time, children will be guided to classes by school staff. More information will be shared soon about ways students and families can learn about their teachers, classrooms and school.


30. How will testing be handled for distance learning students?

As schedules are finalized for virtual learning students, parents will be contacted about scheduling diagnostic assessments in the first few weeks of school. Benchmark assessments will also be scheduled in advance for parents to plan days students will come onto a campus for these tests. Classroom assessments will be handled through the virtual classroom.


31. How are you training the bus drivers?

Annual safety training will be supplemented with procedures for maintaining safety specific to COVID-19.


32. Will substitutes be trained in virtual learning? 

This will be considered based on the position the substitute is filling.


33. In terms of indoor air quality, how often are air ducts, returns and vents cleaned? And will they be cleaned prior to school starting?

According to the Department of Public Health, as long as the HVAC system is working properly, standard cleaning procedures should be followed.


34. Will virtual learners be expected to sit at a computer for the entire school day or will there be some flexibility? And will students receive the same workbooks as those being used by students in the school setting?

Students in the virtual classroom will have expectations for daily interactions with the teacher and completion of activities. Resources needed for the curriculum will be provided to all students. We are working on examples of daily schedules to share soon.


35. Will parents be notified if their child has been exposed to COVID-19 in the classroom, by a teacher or another student?

Yes, we will follow guidance from the Department of Public Health that will include helping with contact tracing to let people know about known exposures to confirmed cases of COVID-19.


36. What accommodations will be made for those who are high risk but want to attend school in person?

We will follow guidance from the Department of Public Health. Parents can assist us with providing medical information in the back-to-school packets, so we can plan accordingly.


37. Would the school system consider pushing the August 11 start date?

We are considering that at this time.


38. Will homework be exempt during this time?



39. If teachers have to eat with their students, how will they get their lunch break?

Principals will develop a plan that will allow teachers to have a restroom break and time to plan for instruction.


40. Will the school system provide the cleaning supplies for the teachers or will they have to provide their own?

Teachers can provide cleaning supplies if they wish but we will be providing cleaning supplies for teachers.


41. Will you be extending the deadline to decide and submit the distance learning form?



42. Can classroom teachers wear face shields instead of masks?

We are working with the Department of Public Health to review options.


43. When will the parent meeting for virtual learning take place?

Prior to school starting, we will advertise the meetings and contact parents using the email address provided when they completed the registration form. 


44. Do you plan to have a deep cleaning schedule outside of daily sanitation?



45. Could extra consideration for seniors and juniors be made to keep their schedules intact if classes are not available virtually? Possibly streaming classes, Zoom, Google Classroom, other methods?

Older, more mature students will have additional options for online learning.


46. How do you as a leader set the example in reference to wearing a mask?

All adults will model the wearing of masks when entering school buildings.


47. When will you let teachers know if they are assigned to in-person teaching or virtual teaching?

Prior to the start of school.


48. How will students doing distance learning be graded? Will they be held to the same standard as students doing face-to-face instruction?

Guidelines and rubrics for grading will be provided.


49. If we choose virtual learning, what happens after the first 9 weeks/1st semester? Do they return to their originally scheduled classes (AP/honors, band, etc.)? I understand that they may not have their teachers by using online in the beginning, but will they when they return?

Parents will be notified prior to the end of the grading period about class availability and their options at that time.


50. Will there still be an open house/orientation if we choose virtual learning?



51. If we originally plan to do face-to-face learning and realize it’s not the best option, then would we be able to switch to online learning before that 9 weeks is up?

Cases will be handled on an individual basis.


52. What exactly does this “No Sharing” policy mean? Is this food and classroom supplies such as scissors, pencils, etc.?

We will encourage kind behaviors, but due to concerns for shared items, we will discourage students from sharing food and personal belongings. Plans will be made for safely handling classroom supplies and materials. 


53. Will it be comparable to virtual learning in the spring?

No. In the spring we were fortunate to be in the review part of the school year. Virtual Learning will include new learning and graded assignments. In addition, we will also track attendance on a daily basis.


54. For children who are hearing impaired like myself, how do teachers plan to teach with masks when the students are unable to read their lips? 

It is important for small children to see how letter sounds are formed. In situations where students need to see the teacher's mouth, face shields will be used by staff members or clear facemasks will be used. 


55. How will social distancing look in a classroom?

Schools are working to provide social distancing to the extent possible. Each school is developing a site-specific plan, where face masks will be strongly encouraged for students.


56. Will learning packets be available?

No, we will be working through virtual learning NOT distance learning. Virtual learning requires a digital device and access to the internet. Students will have specific times to be online with teachers and/or access videos of teaching to complete assignments. Daily attendance will be taken. We will provide specifics as they are finalized. Planned sessions for orientation to the virtual learning option will be announced and communicated using the email address parents provided on the registration form.


57. If virtual learning is to happen during normal school hours, what are the expectations for working families who will not be able to assist their child?

Our teachers will be working their regular school hours and the expectation for teachers and students is to have interactions throughout the school day.


58. In the event of an exposed teacher/staff or student, can they switch to online teaching and /or learning immediately the next day to continue getting paid and/or school credits and grades?

Glynn County Schools is not currently authorizing work from home for staff. Specific guidance will come from Human Resources for staff members who are absent due to COVID-19. Parents will be given information about returning to school for students who are absent due to COVID-19.


59. What about sporting events?

We will follow guidance from the Georgia High School Association. This guidance will also be followed at the middle-school level.


60. Will staff be allowed to bring their children to work if virtual learning is implemented? Will there be a childcare “room” setup?

Yes, staff can bring their children to work but they will be in their classroom if the system’s distance learning plan is implemented. 


61. Are there any considerations for staff to work from home?

Glynn County Schools is not currently authorizing work from home for staff. 


62. Will quarantines be required for a class (or multiple classes) if a teacher or classmate is positive? 

We will follow the guidance of our local health officials in making decisions to temporarily close schools or classrooms.


63. Will parents be notified of potential exposures at all? 

We will work with the Department of Public Health on contact tracing.


64. How will we keep students caught up after multiple potential two-week quarantines?

Our districtwide methods of planning will allow us the flexibility to handle most any situation.


65. Under what criteria would the entire school switch to virtual learning? If it does switch, will strict time commitments still be required during regular hours? 

We will follow the guidance from the Department of Public Health for temporary closures. Teachers will be expected to come to work and we will provide learning opportunities as outlined in the district's distance learning plan.


66. How are you addressing the air quality in all school buildings? 

Every school in the district has a dual air-quality control system and those units use MERV 9 filters, which are antimicrobial, hospital-grade filters. They are changed every two months which exceeds the recommended replacement schedule. Depending on the age of the school, a fresh air component mixes fresh air with recirculated air using an ERV system or a fresh air damper that mixes cooled air from the classroom with fresh air from outside.


67. Will kids be able to use any of the playground equipment? If not, what’s the reasoning behind this?  

No. We are following the guidance for school systems operating under Enhanced Mitigation Measures as recommended by Georgia's Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools.


68. Will there still be specials and how will class changes affect that?

Schools are designing site-specific class changes that will allow for specials.


69. Will students eat in their classrooms every day or eat some days in the cafeteria?

A combination of both.


70. What will recess look like specifically for younger elementary aged children? 

Brain breaks will be scheduled as usual.


71. How is the district structuring the in-person day to possibly get the kids out of their rooms to let germs dissipate and be moved through by the air system?

Principals are scheduling times when classrooms are empty for cleaning and air exchange.


72. How will open house/first day of school be handled for Pre-K and kindergarten students who have never stepped foot in the school?

There will be scheduled drive-bys to meet teachers and virtual classroom tours.


73. What will happen in classrooms where a teacher is home sick and the school can't secure a substitute to cover their class?

We have and will continue to have procedures in place for these types of situations.


74. Will information about specific school-based changes be communicated to parents? If so, when can we expect that information?

Yes, as the information becomes available.


75. If grade-level teachers are being pulled for online learning, can in-person teachers expect to have larger than normal class sizes?

As always, we will continue to monitor and balance teacher rosters.


76. Will teachers be required to teach the same amount of information to the students as they would under normal circumstances?



77. Will homework be web-based or will students be asked to complete their assignments with paper and pencil?

Virtual students will complete web-based homework and face-to-face students could see a combination of both.


78. Are students allowed to bring school supplies or is there some sort of viral risk with doing that?

Students will be discouraged from sharing school supplies.


79. How will parents be able to speak with the school nurse about normal day-to-day issues and medication dissemination if they are not allowed inside the school building?

Nurses can be contacted by phone, email or by scheduling an appointment.


80. How are in-classroom lunches going to be handled, keeping the safety of children with severe nut and peanut allergies in mind?  

As always, safety plans for allergies will be in place.


81. If we chose virtual learning to start the school year, does this shorten the 9 weeks to 7.5 weeks now or is virtual learning still 9 weeks?

We are currently discussing the date of the grading period.  We will use the grading period as the end of the virtual learning time for students who wish return to face-to-face instruction.


82. Will we have the option to continue virtual learning throughout the whole school year?

That decision will be made as we move closer to December.


83. Will after-school care be offered this year for elementary students?

Yes, just as in years past.