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Social Services - Social Worker

The development of school social work is rooted in the school's recognition of the importance of nonacademic factors in the student's success in learning, adjustment, and growth. School social workers bring a unique professional knowledge and skill to the school system. They are hired to enhance the school system's ability to meet its academic mission, especially where a priority on home-to-school and community collaboration is key to achieving that mission.

  • What is a school social worker? 
    School social workers are distinct from other school personnel in their contributions to the assessment and intervention with students at risk. School social workers are itinerant. They work with different students for different problems at different times in different places. They also deal in fundamental human needs in a real social context. School social workers are a bridge between community and family.
  • Are school social workers employed by the school or the school system? 
    School social workers are employed by the system because they work for the various schools in the system.


Greg Jaudon, Lead Social Worker, Homeless Coordinator | 912.267.4100 ext. 1306
[email protected]

Marcyline Bailey, School Social Worker | 912.267.4100 ext. 6222
[email protected]

Lyndsey Gibson, School Social Worker | 912.267.4100 ext. 3972
[email protected]

Regina Short, School Social Worker | 912.267.4100 ext. 5888
[email protected]

Colleen Snow, School Social Worker | 912.267.4100 ext. 3409
[email protected]