ABC Book of Genetics

You are an author who has been asked to write an ABC childrenÕs book about genetics. As you create this ABC book you must address the following topics with specific detail using specific vocabulary.


¥ DNA technology including: recombinant DNA, transgenic organisms, gene therapy, and gel electrophoresis

¥ Biological resistance explanation of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and insect resistance to pesticides, how it spreads and affects humans

¥ Mutations including two types of mutations and a specific disorder as well as how mutations affect genetic diversity

¥ DNA & RNA processes including transcription, translation

¥ Mendelian Genetics including laws of dominance, independent assortment, and segregation and how Punnett squares, can be used to illustrate these laws

¥ Sexual and asexual reproduction including explanations mitosis and meiosis with examples and their affect on genetic variety




1.         All letters of the alphabet must be used.


2.         Each page must have a letter and a picture. The picture may be illustrated by hand or may be found on the Internet.


3.         In addition to the letter and picture, each student must provide the information about genetics that is represented by that letter and be tied into one or more of the themes listed above and in your rubric.


4.         DO NOT put more than one letter of the alphabet on a page.


I will use this rubric to grade your project. This will be counted as TEST GRADE.