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 My name is Curtis Lecount and I did my project on the assassination and funeral of former President John F. Kennedy. The person I interviewed is my mother, Karen Lecount. When I asked my mom to tell me her story she was willing to do so with no problem. She was a child at the time and remembers JFK's assassination and funeral. JFK was supposedly shot by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was arrested for the assassination but never made it to trial. The next day he was shot and killed by local bar owner, Jack Ruby, as he left the jailhouse on his way to be handed over to the state. His death was seen by millions of TV viewers. Many people believe that Oswald didn't kill President Kennedy. They believe someone in the grassy knoll killed him. Many witnesses saw men with rifles by the knoll before the president's motorcade came by. The nation was in a state of shock and disbelief.

 Mrs. Lecount recalls that JFK was killed November 22,1963, in Dallas, Texas. It was a sad day for our nation said Mrs. Lecount. She said that she admired JKF because he did a lot for African Americans during the civil rights movement. When the president got killed a lot of the people went crazy, Lecount said. She remembers seeing JFK's funeral procession and his four year old son salute the horse and casket as it passed by.


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After this happened, Mrs. Lecount says she turned to her sisters for emotional support for questions she had wanted answers for. Her sisters told her everything happens for a reason. After her sisters told her why this happened, she says her mind became a little more stable. Lecount says, "If you ever have questions or concerns about something, ask a family member for some support."



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 I believed the interview went well. It went more easily than I thought it would. I guess it was easy to talk to my mom. I knew about the assassination but not as in depth as I know. I know that Lee Harvey Oswald never was convicted of the slaying of Kennedy. In this interview I learned that my mom has lived through an event that I hope I never have to. Overall this interview had a positive outcome. I got the chance to learn new facts, but most of all I got to interact with my mom on another level.

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