Transformations and Tessellations

Beth Ronilo

Glynn Academy

The following websites will provide understanding of transformations of geometric figures and tessellations through hands-on exploration.

Interactive Transformations

This site allows you to view all transformations including rotations, translations, and reflections.You will be able to see the actual transformation, plus answer questions that will enhance your understanding.


This site allows you to create tessellations from triangles, hexagons, and rectangles.

A tribute to the tessellation and to M.C. Escher, this site provides pictures of his art and biographical information.It tends to focus more on the art rather than the math.

Explore Learning

This site allows students to see the actual reflections of points, segments, triangles, and quadrilateral.(you may only visit once a day unless you join)

When you get to this site, scroll down until you see a pull down menu for mathematics.Go to Geometry: Symmetry and Transformations.

Computer Art

This site provides more pictures of tessellations and descriptions of the different types.It gives you starting place for creating your own.