Amelia Bedelia... fun with idioms.

Mary Kay Hayes  GIT Winter Class  K-2

Have you ever noticed that Amelia Bedelia always does what she is told.  Amelia understands things literally, but sometimes words have different meanings or more than one meaning.  When words mean something different from what they say, we call this figurative language or idioms.  For example when Amelia is told to "dust the furniture", she actually puts dust on the furniture.  In "Amelia Bedelia Plays Ball", Amelia actually runs all the way to her home, instead of running to home plate when playing baseball.

Can you find 5 examples of idioms in the story we just read together?  If you need more help understanding what idioms are just "click" below:

1. Idioms color our language so why not try to paint with idioms.

2.  "Try your hand" at learning some new idioms at :

3.  "Tune into" some idioms with cartoons at:

4.   Find out more about  Amelia Bedelia and all of her books at:

5.   Have some fun with Amelia Bedelia's idioms at :