Thomas Jefferson

Caroline Geiken EdD

     Few Americans have had the profound impact on our nation as did Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson was
a talented statesman, architect, musician, and inventor.  He was also a gifted writer and wrote memorable passages
and expressions.  Thomas Jefferson was from Virginia and was the third president of the United States. He also wrote the Declaration of Independence. Through the use of this web site you will discover the characteristics of Thomas Jefferson and
learn about his public and private life.

What were major events in Thomas Jefferson's life?
Create a time line to show Thomas Jefferson's daily schedule and activities.
What hobbies did he have?
What were Thomas Jefferson's strengths and weaknesses when he held public office?
Is Thomas Jefferson a role model for Americans  today?  Why or why not?
Why was Poplar Forest an interesting place and why did Thomas Jefferson go there?
What are interesting features about Monticello?
How are Poplar Forest  and Monticello  alike and different?

This web site tell you about Thomas Jefferson's life. It will tell you about when he was born, his parents, his family, and his life as an adult.

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. At the following site you can read about what his strengths and weaknesses were and what he accomplished as President.   Just click on the following web site to find interesting facts on Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson has two homes in Virginia.  One was called Monticello. You can go to this site and you be able to take a home throughout the home and read about his time at Monitcello.

Tour and view Thomas Jefferson's home called Poplar Forest. You can actually view the different rooms in the his retreat home where he would spend time alone. You will be able to see the floor plans of  his retreat home and grounds around Poplar Forest.  Archeologist have been busy to rebuild and restore a replica of this unique octagon home.

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed listening to 18th century music whether he was staying at Monticello or Poplar Forest. At this site you will be able to listen to different music that Thomas Jefferson might have listened to. When you go to this site click on the 18th century music and read about the type of music that was enjoyed.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of  Independence.  In this web site Thomas Jefferson gives his account of the Declaration of Independence and what events led up to it.  If you go to this site you will not only find a list of the different people who participated but a information regarding their past.