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Glynn Athletic Website
*see Calendar link for exact details.
Tennis, August thru October on Tuesdays at 4:30pm.
Football, August thru October on Wednesdays at 5pm.
Cheerleading, same as football schedule.
Volleyball, August thru October alternating Tues./Thurs. at 5pm.
Basketball, November thru January alternating Wed./Fri.
girls at 4pm and boys at 5pm.
Track, April through May on Wednesdays at Jane Macon 4pm.
Swimming, Thursdays.

GMS Hurricane Book Club and Quiz Bowl Team
This club promotes participation in reading the 20 Georgia Book Award
nominees and in turn, a unique reading competition. The club/teams will be
open to all students at GMS. The teams will be composed of five members.
Each member of the team will be responsible for reading and know at least
four of the GBAN. Teams will compete at the school level to decide which
group will then advance to the school system level of competition. Benefits
from participating in this activity include: increased reading comprehension,
a developed appreciation for a wide variety of genres, enhanced verbal
communication skills, promotes cooperation, builds self esteem and developes
team spirit. School level competition and system level competition utilizing
the 20 GBAN. Faculty Sponsor: Mimi Mayberry-White.

GMS News Team
The GMS News Team is responsible for conducting the school wide morning
announcements on a daily basis. Students may work on the News Team in one
of two capacities: Anchor or Technical Crew. Students will learn how to effect-
ively present the daily announcements to the entire school population or how
to operate the technical equipment required to present the announcements.
Students must go through an audition process to be chosen for the GMS News
Team. Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Sigman and Darlene McCabe

Guitar Club
The GMS Guitar Club was formed to provide a place for students who play the
guitar to come together and share their talents. The club is open to 6-8 grade
students of all ability and levels. However, it is not intended for beginning
students who wish to learn how to play the guitar. The weekly meetings are
simply "jam sessions" where students practice and play together while sharing
ideas and skills. The club meets on Fridays after school until 4:30pm.
Faculty Sponsor: Alan Wendel

Grow Your Own Teachers
Creating an awareness of teaching as a career option. 1. Research and discuss
teacher training and certification. 2. Discuss characteristics of a good teacher
and profession. 3. Explore teaching positions. Faculty Sponsor: Debra Pelkey

Art Club
The Art Club at GMS this year will be devoted to the development of members'
artistic abilities and interests beyond the scope of the regular school day. The
club is being formed with the goal of allowing students with high interest in the
arts another outlet for creativity. The club hopefully will also be a vehicle for
building school spirit as well as art awareness among the general student pop-
ulation. Activities will include enhancement of the school building and grounds
through murals, sculptures and various displays of art.
Faculty Sponsor: Jim Drury

Environmental Service Club
The Environmental Service Club provides opportunities for middle school
students to serve their communities in ways related to environmental education.
Any student is welcome to join us regardless of grade level. We take monthly
trips to the Humane Society to volunteer our time and services. Also, we work
closely with Keep Brunswick Golden Isles Beautiful by volunteering at their
community events. Our beautification efforts sometimes lead us to help clean up
the beach and clean up around our school. We also coordinate our school's
recycling program. Faculty Sponsor: Buffy Jobe

Chess Club
The Chess Club has aspires to three levels. Level 1: learn how to play.
Level 2: play against club members. Level 3: play in tournaments.
Faculty sponsor: Michael Sisk

BRAVEHeart, which stands for Building Responsiblity, Respect and Virtue
effectively, is a nonprofit organization sponsored through the Care Net Preg-
nancy Center of Coastal Georgia. BRAVEHeart's goal is to equip teens, parents
of teens and the community at large with information and emotional support
to help teens resist the pressure to engage in sex outside of marriage. Students
who participate in BRAVEHeart are required to complete a permission slip by
the student and parents of the student. Participants of BRAVEHeart will meet
once a month to participate in character building activities and receive inform-
ation concerning consequences of sexual activity.
Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Sigman

Jr. Beta Club
Junior Beta Club provides a channel to promote, recognize and train students in
the areas of character, achievement, service and leadership. This is a non-profit,
leadership service club for grades five through nine whose purpose is to encourage
effort and reward merit, and to promote those qualities of character that make for
good citizenship. Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of Beta: member-
ship pin, personalized membership card and certificate and subscription to the
Beta Journal while a member. Membership is a privilege not a right.
The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: (a) worthy,
moral and ethical character, (b) good mentality, (c) creditable achievement and
(d) commendable attitude. The standards ad means for appraising these qualities
shall be determined by the administration of the school where the club is located.
All members must be performing on or above grade level. There is a one-time
membership fee for the junior division.
Faculty Sponsor: Sheryl Davis and Cathy Eaton and Sandy Fitzgerald.

Create the school yearbook. Organize students to sell yearbook ads. Take
pictures during school events. Sell and distribute the school yearbook.
Faculty Sponsor: Sydne Klonoski and Richard Graiser.

Animal Rescue Service
Teacher's classroom serves as a safe haven for animals that are sick, injured,
abandoned or looking for a home. Students make sure the animals are healthy
and then start an adoption process. We have rescued many animals and have
been very sucessful in finding good homes for them. The "service" we provide is
beneficial for the animals and community and provides students with a sense
of accomplishment. The students in my program help with feeding, medication,
and walking of the rescued animals. Faculty Sponsor: Wanda Bullard.

Sign Language Club
The GMS Sign Language Club introduces hearing students to Sign Language for
the Deaf. Students learn fingerspelling, basic vocabulary words, conversational
short cuts and some about deaf people and their culture. Since GMS is the desig-
nated middle school for deaf students in the county, most students will get opportunities
to practice their signing skills with their deaf peers. Students also learn to "sign" songs
and have performed to PTSA audiences. Students may also become part of the morning
announcements as we attempt to introduce sign language to our whole school.
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Pittman

Math Club
The GMS Math Club will provide an opportunity for 6th, 7th and 8th grade
students to practice problem solving skills in a fun relaxed environment. We
will participate in the Math Counts Competition as well as various other
competitions throughout the region. Faculty Sponsor: Sue Johannsen

FCA is a national organization whose main goal is to see the world impacted
for Jesus Christ through the influence of students, athletes, and coaches. Last
year, FCA had an average attendance of 40 students at GMS. The students had
the opportunity to participate in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and adopting
a family at Christmas. FCA provides opportunities in leadership programs as
well as summer camps that teach life long values.
FCA is a student led organization. Faculty Sponsor: Tim Hall

GMS Newspaper
The GMS Newspaper will provide an opportunity for students in grades 6, 7
and 8 to practice interviewing and creative writing skills as well as editing and
publishing. The newspaper will be published once every nine weeks.
Faculty Sponsor: J'Deane Ryfun

Drama Club
Drama Club is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders who have an interest in learn-
ing about the theater. Students will have the opportunity to perform in front of
their peers as they learn about the different aspects of acting: following stage
directions, pantomime, stage movements, storytelling, writing plays, monologues
and scenes for two or more. Faculty Sponsor: Terry Johnson