James Chadwick, The Neutron, and Atomic Structure




Questions 1 and 2

Who was James Chadwick? Describe his contribution to the understanding of the structure of the atom.


The Nobel Prize site’s biography of James Chadwick, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1935.



Scroll down to James Chadwick and the Beryllium Rays for a description of his contribution to the understanding of the structure of the atom.



PBS Science Odyssey: James Chadwick and the Discovery of the Neutron



Use this link to read Chadwick’s actual letter, written in 1932, to the Royal Society in which he explained the possible existence of a particle called a neutron. His letter includes a diagram of his experiment.




Question 3

Draw a diagram of his experiment.


Online Physics Lab: Famous Experiments: The Discovery of the Neutron




Question 4

Include any interesting websites that explain or demonstrate atomic structure.


McGraw-Hill Higher Education Physics/Chemistry site, flash model of the work of Thomson and Rutherford in the early 1900’s. Shows what Rutherford expected in his experiment, and what his actual results were, using flash animation.



Vision Learning: Animated atomic structure diagrams for the first 11 elements in the Periodic Table