Wackiest Middle School Moment



At Jane Macon Middle School, during my sixth grade year, we had a bomb threat that was so crazy. Nobody expected it, and many were scared of what might happen. Teachers werenít sure of what was going on; they just knew that they had a responsibility to get everyone out of the school immediately. Though most of the students didnít know what was going on, we all figured out after a while that it was something serious.


 I was sitting in Mrs. DeLoachís writing class like any normal day, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. Not thinking of what was going on; everybody got up and went out to their prospective places that they usually go when a fire drill occurs. Everyone went out silently, waiting for the bell to let us back into the building, but little did we know, it wasnít going to happen like that. As we waited, and waited, we started to realize that we werenít going back into the building any time soon. Many of us begin to get a little antsy and tired of standing there quietly. Others of us wondered what in the world was going on. We began asking the teachers what had happened. They were just as lost as we were.


As time went by, the students around me had forgotten all about the fire drill; we were all just having fun, playing games, and running around. By the end of the day, they announced the situation that we were in, and they told us to go home. We heard that someone had sent a threatening email to the school. They sent us home without our belongings. We could not enter the building at all for the rest of that day. I still do not know if they found the source of that email.                

---Tamara R 




Middle School Memories



I interviewed several students at Brunswick High School about their favorite middle school teacher. Hereís the scoop:


Antonio L. attended Glynn Middle school, and his favorite teacher there was Mrs. Jobe. Her class was fun. He especially liked the eighth grade at Glynn Middle because of the dances that eighth graders were allowed to participate in.


Aaron W.ís favorite middle school teachers were Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Simpson. Aaronís best memories are from sixth grade, when the teachers did a lot to support the students.


Naihomy attended Glynn Middle School, where her favorite teacher was Coach Elseser. Mrs.Elseser made gym class fun, and Naihomy has good memories of playing basketball during Coach Elseserís class. Glynn Middle school had many fun events for the students including field day, field trips, parties, and dances.

---Joffrey T





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