Hurricane Dora in 1964

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My junior project was done on Hurricane Dora in 1964. The person who I interviewed for this project was my granddaddy Jimmie Cohen. He was very pleased that I wanted to get his opinion for this paper. Hurricane Dora, was a particular stage in Georgia that begin in 1960’s and affected many people. While working on this research this event in history, I have learned some interesting things that was caused, by Hurricane Dora. The storm will always be remembered by those who lived it.


Jimmie Cohen remembered vividly Hurricane Dora in 1964. As a boy he was only fourth teen years of age. He said when he heard about it. But it didn’t to much affect him at all. My granddaddy Jimmie said all he could was stuck it out and deal with it. At the time my granddaddy was living with his parents and two brothers. But after a while my granddad my granddad started to get worried about the rain and how hard it will storm. As the storm went on it rained for 10 days straight my granddaddy told me he though it would never stop. The wind blow so hard he said it knocked off half there roof. Jimmie said looking back at the storm all he could think is he made it through and save. Jimmie my granddaddy perspective changed since Hurricane Dora in 1964 because he know the damage of hurricane and what it can do. Since my granddaddy was just a little child he did not know as much about storms. Now that my granddaddy is older he is more noticeable of storms.

The interview with my granddaddy went find. He was glad to have helped me I have learned how Hurricane Dora affected my granddaddy I didn't know my granddaddy was a part of Hurricane Dora in 1964 until I asked him about it. He said thank god he made it through the storm and he is save today.

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