Life During World War II Through the eyes of a child

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    World War II was a very hard time in the lives of some people. This war was also the reason for the end of “The Great Depression” which was also going on during this time. With these two events occurring simultaneously,  life during this period was very hard .The day in which World War II  started was called “D-Day” the precise date was June 6, 1944.  My interviewee was in second grade during the war, she remembered it clearly. My Grandmother Dicey Ellen Sellers was no more then eight years old. Some of the thoughts that were running through her head were weather or not they would have anything to eat and were they were going to get it from if they got any. She said, “The most common food that they had was Water Gravy, milk that was given from the dairy, potatoes, and beans”. During this time she lived with her mother, father, three brother, and two sisters. She said, “we did not have a lot of stores that had actual clothing or food you could buy because they were all sold out, so she had two dresses made out of feed sacks”. My grandmother had many thoughts going through her head even though she was only eight at the time. Two of her brothers were in the war fighting for our country. The nation as well as my grandmother was in total shock and fear of what was going to happen. All of their loved ones were going off to serve the country by defending it.


When the war was going on all the school kids and everyone else were watching there family fall apart. They were going to war and some were to never return home again. They died in action. She said, “It was terrible, but President Roosevelt made jobs for people so that they could have jobs, thus created the WPA.”  The “WPA” was also known as the Work Program Act, which supplied jobs for those who did not have jobs. When she was in need of support, her mother and father did their best to be there for her and the rest of her siblings. Even though the whole nation was worried about their lives, and their families they held together. She said, “The times are different now because then you could not just buy what you wanted, but now I can buy just about anything I want”. When I asked her if she understood it more now then she did then, she said “ Yes, because then I was just a kid , now I am older and also know more about it  we done the best we could.” She said, “If today’s generation went back into the time of the war they could not manage one week”. As the war began to draw to a close the hard times subsided and everything eventually return to normal. But not before there was a lot of hearts were broken and families destroyed.

Photo Courtesy of Grolier Online

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World War II was based on a conflict between two coalitions of states. The two were the Axis powers and the Allies also known as the United Nations. Adolf Hitler was enraged by his loss in World War I and wanted revenge on the United Nations. The number of casualties was numerous during the war. Many families were devastated by there family members being killed it took along time to recuperate from it, some families never did fully recover from their loss. On December 7, 1941 Japan turned the war in Germany into a global conflict with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base in the Hawaiian Islands grandmother
Photo Courtesy of Loper Family

Photo Courtesy of Loper Family

This Jr. Project was stressful at first but once you get it done with you look back and it’s not really bad at all. The interview was not as hard as typing it all up, it was the easy part. The best conversation was during the interview because a lot of interesting point and facts came up. There were a lot of things that arose over the course of the project that I did not know such as the obstacles that the people during this time period had to endure. It did not know that my grandmother went through such hard times and that she was willing to share her knowledge with me. This is a positive experience because you never really think of the things that people have to go thought until you actually talk to them about it.

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