U.S.S. Forestall


photo courtsy USS forrestal Museum, Inc.

Christina Marie Miller was the person I chose to interview. The interviewee is my mother. The interviewee was willing to let me tell her story. When a ship called the USS Forestall was severely damaged. In this interview, I learned that the ship was not attacked but it was one of the sailors fault the ship was damaged.

The effect on the nation was they were in great shock. The nation's reaction was the same as my interviewee's reaction. They were very shocked and suprised that somthing like this had happened. But it did not effect the nation as a whole as much as it effected the family members of the crew aboard the air craft carrier. the nation was allready shocked from the war taking place but this just made things worse.

 Christina was at home one day before school when a yellow taxi cab came to there house and told her mom that her dad's ship had been severely damaged and there was many sailors missing and wounded. Christina's immediate reaction was she was worried about her father and all the other sailors and started to cry. Now that she looks back on it she fills like it could have been prevented and that it was a very tragic event. She fills it maid her have a greater respect toward the U.S. Military.

To help her cope with the event she talked to her mom for emotional support. She felt changed to a great extent ,as in she felt that the "military did not get enough support from citizens" and that her herself fills more support toward solders also. She said that "the soilder fought hard and should have been provided with more support from there nation.


photo found at USS forrestal Museum, Inc.

On the left there is a picture of a group of naval sailors that were on the air craft carrier U.S.S. Forestall that was severely damaged in the vietnam war.

On the right there is a picture of a air craft carrier that resembles the U.S.S. Forestall. They are very close in design with one another.


photo found at USS forrestal Museum, Inc.

 The interview did not go quite as easy as I expected. Because we was not sure about if she wanted to do it on the Vietnam War or the on the ship getting damaged. The best talking occurred when the interview was taking place she got to tell me stories about the event. The stories were vary interesting. I learned that this event effected a lot of people all over America. I also learned that it was caused by a sailors mistake on the ship and it caused a lot of lives to be lost. I learned that she had a rough childhood because she always had to worry about her father in the service. This interview was positive toward the soldiers of the U.S.. Because she did not do nothing but talk good about the solders the whole time.


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