Typhoon at Okinawa October 9, 1945 


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My grandfather, Al Roberson, was nineteen when he left San Francisco, California, to go and fight in WWII. He was in the navy. The war ended while he was on his way to Okinawa. He landed on Okinawa and stayed at the navy base there. When he was there, a typhoon hit the island. The typhoon hit on October 9, 1945.

 My grandfather had little warning when the typhoon came. To stay a live, he left his four-man tent and went to a canal and grabbed onto a water line that went all the way across the canal. My grandfather said, "I held on for dear life." Many other people also held on to the water line to stay alive. They had to hold onto the water line all night until the typhoon passed. There were only eighteen deaths on the navy base. On the rest of the island there were thirty-six killed, forty-seven missing, and one hundred seriously injured. Twelve ships were destroyed, and many others were damaged. The typhoon destroyed many planes and other equipment. If the war had not ended on September 2, we could have lost because of all the equipment that was lost. All of the buildings on the base that may grandfather was at were destroyed. He saw the chow house be torn by the typhoon's powerful winds.


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  My grandfather said, "I was sacred to death." He saw many people die, which scared him even more. As my grandfather looked back he said, " I will always look at the weather so I will not have to go through another powerful storm like that. If another hurricane or typhoon ever comes near where I am, I will get out of the way by going far way." He also said, "I was lucky to survive the powerful typhoon."


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 As I interviewed my grandfather, I saw that the typhoon made him very sacred. I never thought that I would see my grandfather scared of something, especially of the weather. The interview gave me more information on what my grandfather has been through in his life. I never knew that he was in WWII or that he went through a typhoon. I always thought that his life was easy when he was in the navy; I never knew that he could have died in the typhoon. I am glad that my grandfather survived the typhoon.



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