The Alday Family Massacre
The ALDAY MASSACURE was one of the biggest massacure in Georgia. The reason I chose this topic is because it happened to my family. I interviewed my grandmother. She was 32 when it happened. She said she couldn't believe they could over power the son's to be able to kill the family. My grandmother can recall that she got a phone call late at night, that told her the news. She told my grandfather as soon as she hung the phone up. Her immediate reaction was shock and sarrow. She couldn't She couldn't say anything because. She was so shocked. The trial took thirty years to happen. Her reaction looking back now is how long does it take to get justice. She said it has changed her perspective on life, by knowing you are not safe even out in the country. She kept repeating that she could not belive how long it took to get justice and how much it cost. She also said the biggest impact it made on her was seeing the effect it had on the family. She
always tells me not to take life for granted.

  On May 5,1973, Carl Issacs, Wayne Coleman and George Dungee breaks out of Maryland state prison. The gang picks up Carl's Fifteen year old brother Billy Issacs. Ten day's after the prison escape Richard Miller is taken prisonor in McConnellsburg, P.A., and was murdered in Alleyany county, MD. May 14,1973 Mary Alday, went to the local store to get household goods. The four convicts saw her and followed her home. The Alday family was from a little town in Georgia called Donalsonville. The convicts came to Georgia looking for guns and money. The Alday family saw that Mary was being followed and they went to see who it was. The four convicts saw the family and killed them. Jerry Alday, his father Ned, two brothers and an uncle. Mary was forced in the car, where the convicts repeatedly raped her before they killed her. May 15 the body of Mary's was discovered, May 17, on the day that the Alday family was buried, West Virginia police captured George Dungee. One day later West Virginia police Carl Issace, Billy Issace and Wayne Coleman. January 6,1974 George Dungee is also sentenced to death row. Wayne coleman is also sentenced to death row on January 14, 1974. July 28, 1980, Carl Issacs plans to escape. He is cault and sent to another Dseath
Row. June 3, 1986 Supreme Court orders a new trial in Alday family murders. September 9, 1988 Murder one, a movie based on the Alday family murders open in Toronto, Canada. June 28, 1990 US. Supreme court rejects Carl Issac's appeal of second death sentence. February 18, 1995, Billy Issacs was released from Georgia prison, Finally on May 6, 2003, 30 years after the Alday family murder Carl Issac's is put to death by lethal injection. At the time be he had been on death row longer than any other person.

 My felling on this is why did it take the government thirty years to kill
Carl, Masy Alday's mother died before they killed Carl. Some of my family had the chance to watch him get injected, but we didn't because he sicken everybody in the family members went to court several times. I think the justice system is unjust and I think all four of the convicts should have got killed just like Carl. The four convicts killed six of my family members.

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