Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

My junior project is on Martin Luther King Jr.s assassination. King also known as MLK, died for trying to make matters right. He died on April 4, 1968, in Memphis. King died trying to make this world a better place, which he tried hard to accomplish. Further on you would know why he died and the results of his accomplishments.
The person I interviewed was Mrs. Jamison. Mrs. Jamison is my Biology/Chemistry teacher. She was happy that I asked her if it would be okay if I interviewed her on MLKs assassination; she responded, Yes.”

Photo Courtesy of Encyclopaedia Britannica online

Photo Courtesy of  Encyclopaedia Britannica online

His death had a strong emotional impact on her because; blacks during that time in the United States were not being treated as equal citizens. They were discriminated against in education, jobs, and housing opportunities. In some places medical care was denied an individuals, strictly because of the color of ones skin. She also said, America was not living up to what she wanted it to be. MLK became the voice of black Americans and the cautions of the great nation. During this time Mrs. Jamison was just a teenager. When it happened, she already knew it. Personally, she heard his last speech, the last one he gave before he was shot, when he said, to the fact of the effect that it doesnt matter, because he had been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land. At that time and the time today she was a Bible student and that passage of scripture was from  Moses, who went to the promised land  but didnt go in because he  died. She knew that he might succeed in endeavors, but MLK would not be there. She decided that she would really pray more for his family and him. So when it happened she was not that much surprised, but it didnt take away her crying, pain, and the hurt that she had.

At the time she was in school, she can remember all the way home she cried and kept thinking of what had happened. She had to walk about three blocks each day to get from school. During the time she was at the stage of her life where she was trying to make sense of the world, and  also trying to decide who could she trust god or man. The event with John F. Kennedy showed that no man can not be trusted, or truthful, nor for protection. The first time she heard about MLK she really didnt say much because she already knew it. So it wasnt a surprise. So she started to cry and prayed for his family. She kept thinking and hoping that it was a lie.

            Looking back from today, she knows that he accomplished a lot. He did what he was supposed to do, with Gods hands upon his life. She knew that he completed what he wanted to be done. Now she is disappointed that people today dont take full advantage of the rights that theyve gained, mostly young men. For each generation we are forgetting the sacrifices that MLK gave.

The bus ride home.
Photo Courtesy of Encylopaedis Britannica online

The walk on the way home.
Photo Courtesy of Enclopaedia Brittannica online.

 Mrs.Jamison knows that King had gone to Memphis to help out some sanitation workers, and was staying at a hotel. He walked outside to stand on the balcony, and someone shot and killed him. They never found out who killed him. Blacks were sad but did not react in a violently way. He insisted that his cast be drawn with mules. Since that now is in the past she now understand one mans visual and determination can change the nation. With Gods help one individual can change the nation.

            For her, she would live for God. She has already committed the life style that was an adage. Now she has already coped with the situation. Since she already knew what she was dealing with, she didnt put her trust in men. After my interview it made me think really hard that most people dont take advantage of what we have. Some people dont seem to see it. Now that I know what he has done I see things in different ways. Looking back it is ashamed how blacks were treated. A lot of things now have changed. 

Education is now different. There are more opportunities. Mostly men should look at things different knowing that men have done it for blacks to have more freedom than what they have had.

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This was a student  produced project for an 11th grade English assignment at Brunswick High School.
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