Owen Hart

May, 23 1999

WWF Super Star

The person I interviewed was Jacob Baker who is my

friend. When I asked him if I could interview him he was

more willing to comply with my request. He lived through

the tragic death of Owen Hart one of the most predominant

super stars in the WWF. He was an inspiration and a role

model for many others like Jacob.

 On may 23, at the pay-per-view wrestling event in

Kansas City, Mo. Owen Hart died. Owen came into the arena

to make his appearance from the top rafters of the building.

When he was about to be lowered from the rafters he fell

because his safety hook was not connected and instead of

being lowered he fell fifty feet into the ring where he was

given CPR then taken to the nearby hospital where he later

died. The nation in a whole was in shock as many people saw

their role model die.

When Owen first came into the WWF like most WWF supers stars

he had family there. He was only thirty-four when he died.

The WWF only took up fifteen minutes for his death and the

public later mourned his death. His wife couldn't even sleep

the night of his death. She asked the question why the show

went on even after her husbands death. The CEO of the

wrestling federation claimed that Owen would have wanted the

show to go on.

Jacob, Baker was seventeen when this event occurred.

He went to the event that night with his mom and best

friend. As he was watching the event he said "when I saw

Owen fall I thought it was a stunt at first, but when I saw

the blood run down Owen's face I knew that something was

wrong. He said " the first person to see if Owen was okay

was Jerry "king" Lauder." Then the ambulance came out. He

said "I was shocked when I saw it." He says that "to this

day I am still in shock." He said that " the event of

someone dying right in front of your eyes makes you think

that you aren't immortal and can die any time."

This event made Jacob emotionally stronger as a person.

He was made to realize that anyone can go any time. He said

that " one main way to cope with death is to accept the fact

and try to move on with your life.

I thought the interview went easy because he did not

show too badly how much it hurt him. The best talking

occurred after I recorded what he told me about the report.

This was because he could go recalling what happened at his

own pace and in what order he wanted to. I did not know

that Owen had fell fifty feet from the rafters to his death.

I also did not know that Jacob was such a strong person

emotionally. I came out of this experience being

strengthened emotionally because of what he had went


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